Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"In between"

the idea is to study such a notion and state as "in between", which is really interesting at closer view. It appears everywhere in our life but mostly we are used to notice only the initial point and the finish one. Sometimes "in between" is so fulminate, quick, that we are just not able to catch a certain feeling from that...

But if to look at it closer, "in between" is a very interesting condition where you are under of equal influence of antipodal sides which means that you are practically free from any influence at all. At every second you can easily move to any direction you wish without any doubt inside, as you are free

Well, the idea of my series is to try not to move to any direction, but stay in between as long as possible in order to study this condition carefully. Staying in between gives me an opportunity to be clam and sober. I look at the initial point and at the finish point and take something from both of it, trying to combine everything in my creative activity (the way of expression doesnt play an important role here).

Life and death, East and West, painting and graphic, past and future, and so on, and so on. This list could be really infinite and each of these pairs contains equal notions by their strength of influence, and each pair contains in between inside, which is an infinite source of creative energy, and beautiful mikrokosmos.