Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"Global warming"

As an ordinary man, living in a certain environment, I often think over our interaction and communication, the importance of which is impossible to ignore. As an artist I willingly transmit it to my works and react by this to actual facts and situation in this sphere. That is why I decided to create such a series which is titled as Global warming. The idea of it is to show one of the most serious ecological problem of modern society, using the means of art.

First of all, the environmental changes will influence the Earths fauna. Animals just cant ignore the variation of worlds climate and will adapt to it in its own way. So, what changes in animals life would take place if the Global warming comes? I tried to imagine that and illustrated it in my works.

For example, white bears and polar wolfs get rid of their predatory instincts due to the fact that it is hot, the ice is melted, the pole is like tropics now and there is a great harvest of bananas, pineapples and other tropical fruits here, which are to their taste. Penguins like moles could migrate to the earths depth. Its too hot for butterflies in summer now, so they shift their period of life activity to the winter evenings. Crocodiles and some other vermigrades, seeking salvation, move to the mountains where snow is still in some areas. Crows and other creatures that have dark tones of their skins and feathers, which attract sun rays, change its colour to lighter ones. Elephants begin to live underwater keeping only their trunk above it for breathing. For some insects the heat is the greatest condition for reproduction and they begin to propagate in a huge amount. Finally, the lion, in order to get himself chilled, has to get rid of its splendid crest.