Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"The Saint Trinity"

The Holy Trinity. This concept is also a fruit of my thoughts about primary nature of art, about the origin of the creative material. It is an attempt to capture the certain shapes of the ephemeral notion Nothing, which I constantly try to find with the help of my artistic activity.

The conclusionseems to be logical again. I look at an object, or at a group of objects, trying to abstract away from everything that are not connected somehow with its shape,and also trying to simplify it as much as possible. Finally, I ve found out that everything in the world could be imagine as three well known figures: a triangle, a circle and a square. These basic shapes are just like bricks in the building of the Universe, like the earliest molecular bodies, which appeared in the ocean when the life began. They invisibly carry its creative function, being the base of our existence.

If deepen further, to the abstract-emotional level of this fact, we could see, that not only materialistic objects can receive shapes of a triangle, a square or a circle, but it is also can be applied to such metaphysic notions as thoughts for example, or to the essence of human being. It cannot be alleged for sure, of course, but with the certain effort and abstracting we can match a man with one of that three figures, just like as with any colour, for instance. Anyway, since a man is a complicated creature, consisting of difficult combination of that shapes, these characteristics can vary during different periods of time, or with different circumstances, when one figure dominates quantitatively upon others, forming his nature. As far as a triangle, a circle and a square arecompletely equal in its essence, it is possible to conclude, that the harmony and perfection are reached when all these shapes dominate equivalently at the same time, making so-calledHoly Trinity, which is a sort of abstract God. That is the main point and importance of this concept especially for the art, which carries the function of showing the nature of life.