Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"Just imagine..."(The hints)

Again and again thinking over the concept of Nothing(simplicity), following the latest tendencies in art world and simply visiting contemporary exhibitions, Ive began to feel a kind of discomfort about all it, Ive understood that Im pretty tired of art markets oversaturation and motley. It is true, that it is a long period of time since postmodernism hasnt been created any defined or somehow significant direction in art, except maybe Stuckism, which appeared in 1999. We cant deny of course, that some movement in this sphere takes place and there are many minor and raw tendencies, which are not formed and defined by catchy term though.

The epoch of postmodernism has dragged out, an artist, who got an opportunity to cast off censors chains, filled the World with different sorts of decorative lumber which came down to the art market just like tsunami, so that is not easy at all now to find real masterpieces in this water column. The motley distract the eye from seeing, the quantity and the equivalence have become the bitterest enemy of postmodernism. Because you know that the significance in many things depends on the uniqueness, but what can be really unique among this thick of different art objects, where you can find almost everything.

In fact, there are several ways to develop, as for example the way that goes hand by hand with the progress of technologies, but Im talking about my version of it, which is a denial. Yes,the denial again, because it is one of the key condition for movement forward andI want to renounce the literal and physical perception of an art object, replacing it with an interactive hint and with an approach to it from completely other side. Im talking about the substitution of things perception and cooperation with mans imagination. Im not going to make ready-made picture on canvas or any other art work, I try to slightly push a viewer to creating his own image in his head, not without his help of course, the viewer must be interested in use of his imagination. I want to escape from lazy apathetic perception of the visually ready objects and bring into play creative resources of the human brain, not like Yves Klein did in his time, who laughed at audience, exhibiting his invisible pictures, but on the contrary, I want to interflow with people basing on equal participation: I do my job as an artist, showing the other, alternative ways of pictures' perception, making a hint of a definite art work, and viewer, from the other hand, using these hints complete the familiar image in his head. As the result, the ready-made art work is born by mutual efforts of an artist and a viewer.

Also in this concept it is important to understand one thing: an object that is created in the head of a viewer doesnt mean much, it is not so significant as the process of searching for the new, alternative approaches to desirable art work. No matter what exactly is situated on canvas, what is much more important is the brains activity which is influenced by different sense bodies or different ways of perception. For example one way to perceive the water is to touch it, another one is to read the word that means it, or to smell it and so on, there are many possibilities to vary these ways. To make a conclusion I could say that denial and searching like brother and sister are forever together in their desire of constant moving.