Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"Simple complexity"

It is the most important and the most developed concept of my creative activity as an artist. The other ones are just futile attempts to deepen into it.

So far I haven't found The Absolute Nothing, The great Zero, The Great Simplicity, Simplicity that is much more complicated than even the most complicated thing in the world. I look at myself, I look at people who want to live the best way they can, and one question comes to my mind: "What is being the best here - in many cases the best means the most difficult". Everybody tries to invent new, to excel another people in everything, thinking that the main criterion for this is difficulty. Pepople think that the more complicated thing the better it is, and if they are not able to understand or can not see the essence, they began to bow to this thing.

I dont want to declare that this is completely wrong way to be or to develop, but to my opinion, complication not always goes side by side with the perfection. We can endlessly add more and more details, which make together intricate, sometimes even beautiful structure, but at the same time it can hide, I would say it can bury the essence. Behind all this glare that rules the World, We can hardly see the primary bond. I can not realize what is going on now, I can hardly even approach to the conception of it, I only can guess or just have a vague idea, that there is something, Something that explains the existence, or rather Something that explains nothing, something that just exists and involves everything. This Something is simple like universe. But, alas, I look through the window and I see only products of infinite comlication there. It is almost impossible now to detach the real beauty from the precise copy, imitation.

While on the subject of art, painting or things that are based on feelings ( I think that exactly the fellings, emotions must be the leader here, as only the instincts can show the way in the world of rubbish, while mind is based on this trash. Frankly speaking, Doesn't the World look a bit dust-laden? For me it can be easily associated with the heap of rubbish. At the same time I'm not saying our World to be the big dunghill, I'm not going to thrust this dark, gloomy, decadence thoughts on you, I like people, I like being, but sometimes I simply want to clear the crystal surface, brush off te dust, revealing the grand simplicity!)

So, speaking about art and creating my works, I always have in view this conconception, I instantly try to understand how to approach to ralization of it, but not how to excel my colleagues in complexity, how to invent something that would have an outstanding effect on people. I want to surpass in simplicity not only by refusing the race for perfection but also by declining this conception, declining being a messenger of anything. Simply, simply feeling the Nothing, I want to create my pictures....There is no any sense to continue this dialogue in words.....

I dont use brushes. in order to feel better the Nothing, I draw with fingers.The brush - is useless go-between, wich take a lot upon itself.

I use pure colors, but this is rather product of my concaption. Basically, I believe that there are no difficult or simple colors, there are just colors, that is why it is not in principle.

With relation to mind, subject also doesnt play significant role. It is also a part of perfect, absolute emptiness.