Alexi Goubarev
Tsaplia 2009
"Sleeping mode"

Today we can hardly live a single day without the accessing to any kind of net or wire. We charge our mobiles, use internet, watch the tv, and communicate through the different kinds of network every day. Society is moving ahead and more and more different nets are appearing around us on this way. We are like spiders and flies at the same time: this is us who has created the net and this is us who has become the slaves of it.

Just think what you usually do in the mornings as the first thing. I turn on my notebook for example and I believe many people do the same. Somebody charges his mobile, somebody shaves with electric razor, or turns on the tv. And now, could you just imagine for a second what would happen if all of this became impossible because of some problems with nets, wires and electricity. I guess it would knocked us down, we would just loose the ground under the legs and we would stop to function normally as we used to, until everything comes to order. That is the condition I call "sleeping mode". It is like the state of a computer when the screen dies out, and all the major processes work at their minimum speed just to keep the machine alive.

Our addiction to the nets has become so strong, that it also involves the reality around us. Such things as shopping, travelling, getting fun, earning money and many others, that are not dependent on wires and cables in its nature, today can be hardly imagine without it.

Well, as an artist I'm not going to judge this situation, to say whether it is good or bad. I'm interested in observation of the changes in people's views on social values and methods of interfering our world, that occurs with the development of society and technologies.